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PetStopCanada.comservices Grand Prairie & Peace River Country

Tim Phillips,Grand Prairie Manager/Distributor for, Pet Fence Systems

Tim Phillips, Peace River, Alberta Manager/Distributor for

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Tim brings to the business a genuine love of pets and over 20 years of experience in the pet fence business with a career emphasis on customer service. Originally a stressed out pet owner, Tim was amazed at how his Golden Retriever, Rosie respected her pet fence system and the stress of worrying about Rosie getting onto the road just disappeared. It was obvious that this was a product that would greatly benefit pets and thier owners. With an emphasis on customer service, coupled with the best equipment and technology available, Tim has helped to protect thousands of pets and bring peace of mind to their owners.

local Golf Course, as seen from the air Peace River Bridge from the air Service Area for Peace River and Northwest Albert

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If you have any brand of underground/electric dog fence or underground/electric cat fence in the Grand Prairie & Peace River Country, we're here to help you!

Our American-made Pet Stop® pet fences are compatible with Invisible Fence ™ ®, Pet Safe®, Am-Fm®, and other pet containment products. This flexibility demonstrates a single example of why Pet Stop is the most advanced and adjustable buried wire dog fences on the market!

We install and service pet containment in the following Peace River and Northwest Alberta communities: Berwyn, Blueberry Mountain, Bluesky, Brownvale, Chinook Valley, Codessa, Dixonville, Donnerly, Eaglesham, Faher, Fairview, Girouxville, Grimshaw, Hines Creek, Jean Cote, Kathleen, Nampa, Nampa, Peace River, Reno, Rycroft, Smoky River, Wanham, Watino, Whitelaw, Woking

Serving Grand Prairie & Peace River Country area installing and servicing All Brands of pet fences. WE SERVICE ALL BRANDS OF ELECTRIC FENCE SYSTEMS: Pet Stop®, PetSafe®, Pet Guardian®, Invisible Fence ™ ®, DogWatch® and Dog Guard®.

What makes Pet Stop's pet containment system superior? is a leading provider of electronic pet containment systems serving Canada. We chose the Pet Stop® brand of underground / electronic dog fences and underground / electronic cat fences because Pet Stop® is committed ;to continuous research and development of our electronic fencing products, applying cutting-edge technology to create the most advanced, highly-effective safe pet containment system available.

We are driven by a genuine concern for keeping your pet safe and protected. Our Dedication to your pet's overall safety goes "hand-in-paw" with being the Most Humane and the Most Secure electronic pet fence system on the market.'s philosophy;

To provide maximum containment for your pets while delivering the minimum amount of correction.

Ensuring a safe, fun environment for your dogs and cats.

Installs Pet Stop® brand of invisible, hidden, or buried Fences for both dogs and cats.

Dog Fences and Cat Fences customized to meet your needs.

We service all brands of electronic pet fences. They are often also known as Electric or Electronic Fences, Invisible, Hidden or Underground Fences, or Pet Containment Fences. Ask us for special trade in prices on other brands of electric dog fences. We offer compatible batteries and compatible dog fence collars and most industry-wide pet fence products for less!

We service all brands of dog fences and Cat fences in the following communities: Peace River, Fairview, Grimshaw, Donnerly, Nampa, Rycroft, Smoky River

As a proud member of the Pet Stop Dealer Network, our Dealers are the most experienced and most technical in the industry. Only Pet Stop products can offer a slew of custom patent features your pet needs to ensure they have a safe environment to play while ensuring they remain contained in your yard.

It is's goal to offer customers pet friendly products, training and support to achieve the highest standards in the industry. It is our belief that the Pet Stop name is becoming the standard in the pet containment industry and we are very happy to be a part of the Pet Stop team. Our pet fence system is guaranteed

Our pet fence system is guaranteed to work gently but effectively for any breed of dog or cat outside or even inside your home.

100% satisfaction or your money back.

Bold but true. Our Commitment to you: If you can find a more advanced Pet Containment System available we will buy it for you!

Pet Stop® is a proud member of: IACP - International Association of Canine Professionals.

"Bringing People and Pets Together."   Looking to adopt a pet? or 1-800-668-2812


We service pet owners if you are Berwyn Dog, Cat & Pet Fences, Blueberry Mountain Dog, Cat & Pet Fences, Bluesky Dog, Cat & Pet Fences, Brownvale Dog, Cat & Pet Fences, Chinook Valley Dog, Cat & Pet Fences, Codessa Dog, Cat & Pet Fences, Dixonville Dog, Cat & Pet Fences, Donnerly Dog, Cat & Pet Fences, Eaglesham Dog, Cat & Pet Fences, Faher Dog, Cat & Pet Fences, Fairview Dog, Cat & Pet Fences, Girouxville Dog, Cat & Pet Fences, Grimshaw Dog, Cat & Pet Fences, Hines Creek Dog, Cat & Pet Fences, Jean Cote Dog, Cat & Pet Fences, Kathleen Dog, Cat & Pet Fences, Nampa Dog, Cat & Pet Fences, Nampa Dog, Cat & Pet Fences, Peace River Dog, Cat & Pet Fences, Reno Dog, Cat & Pet Fences, Rycroft Dog, Cat & Pet Fences, Smoky River Dog, Cat & Pet Fences, Wanham Dog, Cat & Pet Fences, Watino Dog, Cat & Pet Fences, Whitelaw Dog, Cat & Pet Fences, Woking Dog, Cat & Pet Fences.